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The Odor Issue



Get rid of unwanted smells and unwanted allergens with our Odor reducing Odors & Allergens MERV 8 filter. There are times when you experience mystery smells in a home, or maybe they are not mystery at all. The Odors & Allergens filter is the filter product you need if your home or office has any unfortunate smells.  These filter are infused with pulverized activated carbon to trap chemical vapors and neutralize odors in your home or office. Activated carbon granules are proven to adsorb pollutants like cleaning compounds, household smells, alcohols, sewer odors, stale odors, cooking odors, and more. In addition, our Odors and Allergens filter does a great job of capturing large allergens like pollen, dust mite allergen, plant spores, pet dander, carpet fibers and more. These particles adhere to the media fibers through an ultra strong molecular bond and don’t require pore-clogging adhesives.  The carbon granules or slurry in traditional carbon filters have most of their “surface area” deep within the pores of the carbon – inner surface area.  In many cases, those pores are clogged by the glue that holds the carbon onto the filter media. Don’ let unwanted odors become distracting, let the Odors & Allergens filter work for you. Our Odors & Allergens 1-inch filter traps allergens and odors like the competitor’s MPR 1200 rating.


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