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Right now, we are in the thick of winter, your furnace is working overtime to keep you warm. While you maybe indoors, thawing out from the winter chill, your heating system is being overworked because the air filter has been neglected. For many, it is more than likely that your air and furnace filter hasn’t been replaced since the beginning of the fall season. The air filter in your home is very important, even though it is a small piece of equipment.

Your filter can protect you from dust, pet dander, and other large airborne particles. It also protects your HVAC system from potential harm. A filter keeps dust and particles from building up in the duct work and on the system’s coils. Not only does the filter prevent harmful dirt buildup, it also helps with HVAC efficiency and reduces energy costs.

So if your filter looks like the one below, then your furnace is struggling to perform efficiently. With all the buildup on the filter, air is having a hard time passing through the filter. There is still plenty of winter left, so it is time to replace your filter and give your furnace a break.

DirtyFilterAt we offer multiple filter qualities, in a variety of sizes. You can also order a custom size filter. Our Good, Better, Best, Premium and Odor neutralizer system can help guide you through the filter selection.

Today is a great opportunity to start saving money on energy costs and begin improving your indoor air quality.

Stay Warm!





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