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When you think of good air quality in your home, you think of a clean, efficient HVAC system protected an air filter. Having clean air in a home or apartment is important. Home owners are responsible for scheduling HVAC maintenance or replacing air filters routinely, but who is responsible for maintaining clean air at work.


Building maintenance staff should be reminded, that caring for a building’s HVAC system is not just to keep up unit performance and to save on energy costs, but also to help protect office employee’s health. Many times janitorial staff are not aware that routine filter replacements are essential for office productivity.


A well ventilated office building, with proper system care, can have a great impact on office performance and health. Office workers spend the majority of their day indoors. By simply using a better quality air filter for the building’s HVAC system, it improves the air quality in the office. The better the air filter, the more harmful particles it can capture, as well as increase the HVAC system’s energy efficiency.


A building’s HVAC system maintenance does not have to be expensive. Buying a new air filter every few months cost under $10.00. But actually replacing the filter can be priceless when it comes to overall employee health. The less people are sick, the lower the percentage of absentees. Just by making these minimal changes, there will be limited exposure to the air pollutants in the office.


So this year, be an advocate for air care in your building, and help improve the air filtration in the office.


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