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Filter Can Lessen Work Load

Having to deep clean a house once a month or sterilize every item in a home, is tiresome and labor intensive. Not very many people have time for that. A house contains an infinite amount of dust particles, bacteria, bad odors, the list goes on! It is almost impossible to maintain an exceptionally clean home for a long period of time. There are an overabundance of cleaning products available to help the cleaning process, but there are only a few that continue to get the job done over the course of a few months.


One product that can constantly provide cleanliness, is a HVAC or furnace filter. By purchasing an air filter for the system, it will help filter dust, pet dander and other large particles that can be found around the house. Purchasing the lowest quality of residential filters provides protection against dust, some pollen and pet dander, but by increasing the quality of the air filter, the purpose of the filter can be so much more.


All households have some indoor air pollutants. It can be paint, garbage odors, mold, mildew, harmful VOC’s and smoke. The Lysol Air Filter offers TRIPLE PROTECTION against some of these additional pollutants. These types of pollutants live in a variety of areas throughout the home. Investing in a premium quality filter, that is more than just a dust catcher, can help cleanliness over a longer period of time. With the Lysol Air Filter, a home receives three months of protection against smoke and odors, as well as dust. The Lysol Air Filter is a perfect fit for those suffering from asthma and allergies, as well as those looking to go the extra mile for a clean home. Having a product that aids cleanliness throughout the home, is something worth investing in.




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