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Homeowners may change their air or furnace filter routinely, but how often is the filter replaced at the office?


A residential air or furnace filter captures dust, pollen and pet dander, but an office filter has to capture many more contaminants than just the usual unclean household. There can be dozens of people in an office that carry dust, pollen and pet dander into the work space. The average person changes their residential air or furnace filter every 2-3 months. This does not mean that the office maintenance staff does the same. There is a way to avoid suffering from poor indoor air quality at work.


You may or may not have control over routinely changing out the filter, but replacing it or making the suggestion to replace the filter could help. Better air quality in an office setting will help reduce allergens and capture VOC’s, such as building materials or cleaning products, which are found in most offices. In addition to routinely replacing the air filters in the office, employees can make sure the office is cleaned regularly. This would include vacuuming and dusting off desks and cabinets. In addition to cleaning a personal work space, sufficient air flow to the returns allows the office’s system to run efficiently, allowing clean air circulate throughout the day. This means avoid blocking the air returns, so not to over work the HVAC system. Completing these small task, allows the building’s HVAC system to be efficient.


At we have residential filters available, but we also have larger, higher quality filters available for office settings. Indoor air quality is an important part keeping an office clean. Be proactive about better air and ask how often the filter is replaced in your office!

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