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Winter is Coming


Fall is in full swing. The temperature is dropping and the leaves are turning colors. This also means that those with a chill will begin to turn their furnace on. After having the furnace off for the year, there may be some interesting smells coming from the vents, especially if the system hasn’t been serviced in a year. Having the HVAC and furnace system tested and serviced is important for up keep. Bi-annual cleaning is good for efficiency, but monthly filter changes are protection for the system in the long run.

Replacing the air and furnace filter once a month or every two months, depending on which quality of filter used, is also important for system efficiency. Many residential units typically use the low to mid-range quality air filter, or how rates the quality GOOD, BETTER, BEST and PREMIUM. By changing out the filter frequently, users are able to avoid any large service charges or damages to the HVAC unit. As the seasons change, remember to check your air filter. Doing this will bring clean air and warmth into your home.

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