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Invest a Little More When it Comes to Your Filter


Many times a customer will go to the grocery store or hardware store because it’s time to change out the air or furnace filter. The cheapest filter may seem the best for your wallet initially, but will the lower quality filter help you in the long run? Upgrading your purchase to a higher quality of air or furnace filter can help protect the HVAC system in your home, as well as increase the efficiency of the system. Invest a little more money in the quality of filter and save money when it comes energy usage.


Fiberglass filters offer little protection from dust and harmful particles, trapping only the largest particles. Over time, the dust that passes through a fiberglass filter can build up in your furnace, air conditioning system and air ducts. For many fiberglass filters, sugar or salt can be poured over one side then come through the other. If a fiberglass filter can do that than what is it actually filtering. As particles pass through the fiberglass filter, they will build up, reducing the efficiency and providing a potential site for mold growth.


Pleated filters provide the best combination of air cleaning and energy efficiency. MERV 8 and above pleated filters protect heating and cooling equipment from dust buildup, allowing it to operate at optimal energy efficiency. They also reduce dust in your home and trap particles that irritate nasal passages and breathing airways. A pleated filter allows for more filter media. A 20″x 20″x 1″ pleated filter can have up to 16 square feet of media and a 20″x 20″x 1″ fiberglass filter has less than 3 square feet of media surface area. More filter media means more dust holding and less restriction to airflow.


Be confident the air you breathe in your home is clean. By investing a little more in the quality of filter you can improve the quality of air in your home.

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