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Bert has Something to Say


During June and July The asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program has been educating followers on all things asthma and allergy related. Bert, the asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program’s mascot has been informing asthma and allergy sufferers about what they can do to help manage some of their symptoms. Bert explains the certification process and where asthma and allergy sufferers can find them. The certification program is developing a large following, in that consumers are beginning to recognize the certification logo that features Bert. This mark is helping guide consumers to items that will benefit them the best.


The asthma & allergy friendly website provides information for all of their certified products, such as vacuums, toys, washing machines and air filters. One of the products is the Lysol Air Filter. The Lysol Air Filter is the FIRST asthma & allergy friendly certified air filter. is proud to sell the Lysol Air Filter and bring asthma and allergy sufferers relief.


To learn more about the certification program and Bert visit:



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