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Bert has Something to Say

  During June and July The asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program has been educating followers on all things asthma and allergy related. Bert, the asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program’s mascot has been informing asthma and allergy sufferers about what they can do to help manage some of their symptoms. Bert explains the certification process and where […]


Give a Little, Get a Little

  Invest a Little More When it Comes to Your Filter   Many times a customer will go to the grocery store or hardware store because it’s time to change out the air or furnace filter. The cheapest filter may seem the best for your wallet initially, but will the lower quality filter help you in the […]


It’s Cold at My Desk

  There are many factors when it comes to creating a comfortable work environment. But the one factor in the forefront of most desk dweller’s minds is climate control. It is a constant battle to find the most comfortable temperature that everyone in the building can be happy with. There are many studies that show […]


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