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Finding the Right Fit

For many homeowners, simply finding the correct size air filter for your home is the biggest challenge. But in additional to hunting down the appropriate size, the type of the air filter being purchased should also be taken into consideration. At we have extensive filter knowledge to help our customers purchase the filter they need. […]


The Odor Issue

  Get rid of unwanted smells and unwanted allergens with our Odor reducing Odors & Allergens MERV 8 filter. There are times when you experience mystery smells in a home, or maybe they are not mystery at all. The Odors & Allergens filter is the filter product you need if your home or office has any unfortunate […]


A Little Reminder wants to lend our customers a helping hand. For those that purchase products from will receive a little filter reminder. Orders will now include a magnet that can be placed on the refrigerator or HVAC unit. Front and center, is a space to insert a date to visit to reorder.   We want our customers know, that […]


Staying Warm and Saving Money

          Right now, we are in the thick of winter, your furnace is working overtime to keep you warm. While you maybe indoors, thawing out from the winter chill, your heating system is being overworked because the air filter has been neglected. For many, it is more than likely that your air […]


Office Productivity Made Easier

  When you think of good air quality in your home, you think of a clean, efficient HVAC system protected an air filter. Having clean air in a home or apartment is important. Home owners are responsible for scheduling HVAC maintenance or replacing air filters routinely, but who is responsible for maintaining clean air at work. […]


Filter Can Lessen Work Load

Having to deep clean a house once a month or sterilize every item in a home, is tiresome and labor intensive. Not very many people have time for that. A house contains an infinite amount of dust particles, bacteria, bad odors, the list goes on! It is almost impossible to maintain an exceptionally clean home for a long […]


Better Air for Your Business

    Homeowners may change their air or furnace filter routinely, but how often is the filter replaced at the office?   A residential air or furnace filter captures dust, pollen and pet dander, but an office filter has to capture many more contaminants than just the usual unclean household. There can be dozens of people in an office that […]


Winter is Coming

  Fall is in full swing. The temperature is dropping and the leaves are turning colors. This also means that those with a chill will begin to turn their furnace on. After having the furnace off for the year, there may be some interesting smells coming from the vents, especially if the system hasn’t been […]


Bert has Something to Say

  During June and July The asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program has been educating followers on all things asthma and allergy related. Bert, the asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program’s mascot has been informing asthma and allergy sufferers about what they can do to help manage some of their symptoms. Bert explains the certification process and where […]


Give a Little, Get a Little

  Invest a Little More When it Comes to Your Filter   Many times a customer will go to the grocery store or hardware store because it’s time to change out the air or furnace filter. The cheapest filter may seem the best for your wallet initially, but will the lower quality filter help you in the […]


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